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This site is an unofficial fanlisting.
It is for fans of Goldeneye's 006.

Alec Trevelyan (aka 006) was
an orphan taken on by the MI6
when he was a child. On a mission
with 007 he was nearly killed when
James set the bomb timer to three
minutes instead of six, thus not
giving Alec quite enough time to
get away. As a result 006 betrayed
the MI6 and became involved in the
Goldeneye project. He was killed
in a showdown with Bond, falling
off the satellite dish to the ground
just before the satellite fell.

Alec is an unforgettable character,
he is not just your stereotyped
"bad guy". You really feel sorry
for him. He is portrayed by the
brilliant actor Sean Bean, which
might account for 006's popularity.

Left Image of Alec From:
Full of Beans