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Boromir In Ithilien
(Switching Brothers Story)

By Lady Elwing:

What would have happened if Faramir had gone
to Imladris and Boromir met Frodo in Ithilien?
This is a retelling of TTT in an alternate reality!

"When you've finished discussing us, perhaps you'll
say who you are, and why you can't let two tired
travellers rest," Sam sputtered at one of the tall
green-clad men nearby. The man laughed grimly,
"I am Boromir, Captain of Gondor - there are no
travellers in this land: only servants of
the Dark Tower or of the White."

"But we are neither, said Frodo. "And travellers
we are no matter what Captain Boromir may say!"
Boromir's hand moved to his swordhilt and his
eyes glittered, "You would do well to speak with
more curtesy, who are you and what are you doing
in this realm?" Frodo looked up at his lordly face,
which reminded him of Faramir, yet had something
different about it which he did not like. "We are
Hobbits of the Shire, far to the NorthWest.
Frodo son of Drogo is my name and with me
is Samwise, a worthy hobbit in my service.
We have come by long ways -- out of Imladris."

Here Boromir started and grew intent as Frodo
continued, "Seven companions we had including
two men, Aragorn and Faramir who said he came
out of Minas Tirith, a city in the South." "Faramir!"
the men exclaimed. A stern look came to Boromir's
face and he looked up and down at them rubbing
his chin, "So you are halflings.....what have you to
do with Isildur's Bane I wonder...." Boromir seemed
to be talking more to himself, but Frodo became
uneasy, there was a strange glint in the Captain's
eye. He did not seem satisfied with Frodo's account
of himself, and returned often to Isildur's Bane.
Plainly he saw that Frodo was concealing from
him some matter of great importance.

"If you are the Halfling that was named, doubtless
you brought this thing to the Council of which you
speak, and there Faramir saw it. Do you deny it?"
Frodo made no answer. "What concerns Faramir
concerns me..." Boromir began to grow angry and
strode back and forth in front of the halflings, suddenly
he turned and his eyes softened, although the gleam
did not leave them. "I am his brother, we have never
hidden any secret from each other since we were
children. What you could tell him is safe with me..."
Frodo began fiddling with his cloak and still said nothing.
Boromir came forward and placed his hand on Frodo's
shoulder looking kindly down at him.

"I...I am not permitted to speak of it..." Frodo said.
Boromir looked annoyed at him, "Yet you could speak
of it to Faramir? I do not understand you, halfling."
Frodo began to be afraid under Boromir's piercing
glance and pointed questions. Sam leaped up and
planted his feet, "Look ere Mr. Boromir! You leave
my master alone, and his business to wiser heads
than yours or mine." Boromir chuckled slightly and
crossed his arms, "So, you bid me mind my own
affairs and get me back home, letting you be.
According to the law of this land I have full permission
to see to it you do not either return home or continue
on your journey wherever you are bound to." Frodo
paled slightly and his hand reached to clutch the ring.

Boromir saw the movement and the flash of gold
underneath Frodo's cloak. "So it is true...the Ring
of Power has been discovered." Sam stepped in
front of his master as Boromir took a step towards
him, "This is luck indeed, on the verge of a battle a
new weapon comes within my grasp..." Frodo half-drew
Sting and began stumbling backwards. "Don't be
frightened...if you could but lend it to me for an hour...
we can defeat these Easterlings and be on our way!"
Boromir's agitation intensified as he continued towards
Frodo, "Lend me the ring this one time and you can be
free to go through Ithilien forever." Frodo began to run,
and with a quick movement Boromir leaped towards Frodo,
wrenching the chain from him, for a moment stood gazing
at the small gold thing dangling in his grasp before he
slipped it on and disappeared altogether..............................

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