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(A Hero’s Return)

By Ean Ceoil:

Away from Gondor she drifted, carrying her charge far from
the evil which plagued his homeland. This vessel, made by
elven hands and blessed by Galadriel, Lady of the Wood,
had safely delivered her passengers from Lothlorien to the
Great River, Anduin. Then as a tribute to a fallen hero, whom
she carried, over the Falls of Rauros past his war torn
homeland to the open sea on which she now journeyed.
She had endured the chaos erupting through the land and
shielded her charge on their uncertain journey to the sea,
but her true magic was just beginning.

Galadriel’s parting gifts to the Fellowship were water vessels,
not only hewn of elven hand, but also seeped and blessed by
her people’s magic. Crafted from a special tree whose origin
and abilities were unknown to all but the eldest of her kind.
She sent the Fellowship forward, comforted with hope that
rested on these nine.

This magic stirred and flickered around his still form,
attempting to awaken the small still ember of life that yet
resided in the mortal world. For his companions, believing
he had passed, had unknowingly laid him to rest in the elven
vessel. The blessing of the elves would not falter in its goal,
for this warrior’s time had not yet come. She would weave her
magic until they reached the hidden shores of Valinor, there
the task would be left to others. On she drifted, days and nights
blending together in a seeming endless cycle, continuously
drawn to a place few mortal eyes had ever seen.  

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