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The Eagle & The Knight
(Resurrect Boromir Theory)

By Lady Elwing:

A white elvenboat drifted slowly down the
wide stretch of the Anduin, the current swirling
gently at its sides. It was half-filled with clear
water lapping at a warrier who lay seemingly
asleep. His fair face was peaceful,
yet pale as death.

He was unconcerned with a small speck in
the sky that was circling and quickly growing
larger as it descended. A great eagle came
down and perched on the bow of the boat,
gazing silently at the warrior. Slowly he took
a laboured breath, and his countenance
contorted slightly with pain, he looked about
trying to raise himself up, but only collapsed
once more with a heavy groaning sigh.

The water had washed clean his many wounds
with its coldness, and the warrior clutched the
hilt of his broken sword. A great regret came
over him, "I would I had heeded Galadriel's
words..." he whispered softly. "What is done
cannot be undone," came a reply. The warrior
noticed for the first time the stately bird towering
over him looking gravely at down. "I do not often
bear burdens, yet Lorien is not far. There you may
find rest and counsel." The warrior felt himself
gently borne up, his dripping hair ruffled by a
breeze as he slipped once more into

He awoke to see a leafy canopy overhead.
A deep, soft voice could be heard nearby,
"He was near death when I called him back,
the blood of Numenor is still pure in Gondor..."
Galadriel stepped towards him and looked
at him with her penetrating eyes. She was
joined by another - an old man with snowy hair
in shining white. The warrior sat up with
astonishment, "Gandalf! But you are no
longer grey!"

"No, Boromir" smiled the man, "I have passed
through fire and death, and am now white.
Tell me, where is Frodo?"
Boromir looked down in shame, and did not
answer him. Galadriel placed her hand upon
his shoulder, "There is no need to speak of what
is past, it is enough to know if Frodo is now safe."
Boromir looked up in wonder at her, "I would I
knew, lady, he spoke of setting out to Mordor on
his own, and he was not with the others."

Gandalf looked thoughtful at this, "It is as I expected..."
Boromir became sorrowful, "The last I remember
is the other little folk being borne away by the enemy
as I fell." Gandalf started at this, obviously upset
by the tidings. "I must go forth now, rest here for
a while." Boromir still appeared distressed and
lifted his head towards Gandalf, "What of the halflings?"
"I will see that they are found, do not worry. You have
much else to contemplate." Gandalf looked sternly
at him under his bushy brows before smiling.
"Things may have concluded worse..." Boromir
smiled weakly back before lying once more to rest.

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