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Ride To Rohan
(Resurrect Boromir Theory Cont)

By Lady Elwing:

Boromir looked back over his shoulder to the
bright woods of Lorien glimmering in the light
of the morning sun. With a brisk movement he
mounted the horse and set his sights southeast.
With a slight spir of his heels the horse neighed
and sprang into a gallope. Boromir urged it
faster, feeling the delightful surge of a
valliance and noblility through his veins.

He came to the edge of the woods and the plains
of Rohan were spread out before him. Boromir
brought the horse to a standstill and gazed out
at the terrain so familiar to him that now
seemed almost foreign and hostile. Something
had changed within him, although he did not
yet know what it was. His handsome features
formed a serious yet not hopeless expression.

After several hours of heavy riding, Boromir
came within sight of Helm's Deep through which
he had so often rode, but stared in astonishment.
It was half-broken down, and newly built mounds
were about it. Men at arms still strode about
and the ground was soaked with dark blood.
Boromir rode quickly up to one of the Rohirrim
and dismounted. The man started and lifted
his spear in Boromir's direction but soluted
when he recognized him.

"What has happened here? A great battle
seems to have been fought..."

"Aye, my lord. King Theoden has returned
to maethor! They are now gone to Isengard."

"ISENGARD! But that means sure death!"

"The White Rider said it had already fallen."

Boromir smiled for the first time since he had
left Lorien. So Rohan had prevailed against
Saruman. The news of Theoden's recovery pleased
him greatly. He had seen the old king very
little and was impressed by his once noble
and stalwart appearance although at the time
he had grown old and bent. Boromir thought
for a time whether to try to reach Isengard
before they quitted the place or ride
straight for the White City. For a moment
a flash of yrch and fire came into his mind
all camped about his beloved White Walls.
Without any more hesitation he mounted his
steed and rode with all speed for the city.

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